Mailbox showing 100%
Problem reported by YS Tech - 11/20/2019 at 8:41 AM
Hi, I have 1 mailbox that's showing 100% disk usage even though its set to unlimited for that account and the domain is set to a lot more space than is being used.
227Mb its showing and yet it has a 2000Mb domain limit.
I've also changed this and its made no difference, any idea why this is happening (to just 1 account)?
SM V16.3.6897 (I haven't updated to 17 until the Declude issue is sorted)

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Emily Ward Replied
Employee Post

Even though it says 100%, is the user still able to receive emails?  Has it always been set to unlimited or did you change it after the user hit a limit?
Emily Ward
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YS Tech Replied
User is still receiving I believe, but he's also receiving over quota email notifications as well.
I changed it to unlimited but he hadn't reached the limit anyway.

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