New SmarterStats Release Available -- Build 7219
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - October 7 at 4:16 PM
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Build 7219 (October 7, 2019)

  • Changed: Minor styling update.
  • Changed: Updated the GeoIP files.
  • Changed: Updated the list of bots SmarterStats is looking for to account for any new Search Engine spiders.
  • Changed: Updated User Agent file to account for the new Chromium Edge and Brave browsers.
  • Fixed: An error for "Cannot find viable address" happening for some email reports.
  • Fixed: API for executing "/DataMining/QueryItems" appears to need the File and FilterSet parameter to execute properly, but fails if they are provided.
  • Fixed: Email reports are not including the exclude filters.
  • Fixed: Filter set causing reports to be empty even when there are things for the filter.
  • Fixed: Filter sets are not being applied.
  • Fixed: Initially adding a site can cause an error when loading the site configuration.
  • Fixed: Issue that could cause Email Reports to not send.
  • Fixed: Issue that could cause IP Address report to be blank.
  • Fixed: Referrer By Site report can be missing some sites.
  • Fixed: Scheduled Email reports are not sending to the CC address.
  • Fixed: Site preview pane shows SEO Disabled while the site config shows SEO Enabled.
  • Fixed: Site tuning can lose all information under certain circumstances.
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