Browser-like tabs in the ST interface
Idea shared by Pantheon - 9/15/2019 at 5:39 PM
Under Consideration
I think this would be another great feature to help improve an agent's workflow. As you can see from the mockup below, there will be browser-like tabs in the ST interface, so that instead of new windows opening in a popup for things such as: articles, users, call logs, tickets etc., they will open in a tab.

This feature will make it much easier to multi-task by reducing the time it takes going back and forth between different parts of the ST interface.

For instance, if you want to click on something else in the ST interface while tending to a popup window, then the popup window gets minimized to your taskbar, so you have to drag your mouse all the way down to the bottom of your screen and then back up to the ST interface. And if you want to click off the popup again, because a new live chat initiates or any other number of reasons, once again the popup gets minimized to the taskbar and you have to drag your mouse back down to open it and then back up to the ST interface.

Having new windows as tabs in the interface just makes the entire multi-tasking workflow way more streamlined and efficient, because instead of dragging your mouse up and down to the taskbar, you just have to click tabs that are all located right next to each other in the ST interface.

In addition, people like me, who auto-hide the taskbar, will benefit, because it's possible for me to open a popup window then get sidetracked with something else, so I click off the popup and it gets minimized to the taskbar, and I forget it's there, since my taskbar is hidden. If it were in a tab in the ST interface, this obviously wouldn't happen.

And if someone still wants popups instead of tabs, for some reason, you could just make a setting which allows you to choose how new windows open, in a popup or a new tab.

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Thanks for the suggestion!  I've submitted this as a feature request for you.

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