Additional editable fields for Email accounts
Idea shared by Licenciamento Catoca - 9/5/2019 at 10:25 AM
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Hello everyone,

Having only one editable field "Display Name" seems a bit limiting with SmarterMail. When exporting user accounts reports sometimes other information would be useful to associate with email accounts like phone number, employee id or even a full name. My feature request would be to allow admins to add editable fields to their accounts allowing critical information to be added according to the business need.

Luís Pinto

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Hello Luis,

Thanks for the suggestion!  I've submitted this as a feature request for you.

Isn't that what is the profile section of the user is for ? Maybe I didn't understand the question correctly.

Kyle Kerst Replied
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Luis; can you please elaborate on where you'd like to see these additional fields? Is there a specific report or area you're having trouble with?

Sebastien; you are correct the user profile is where this information should be configured. I believe the original poster is looking to have this information reflected on reports as well rather than just the username as I'm seeing on disk reports and the like: 

I wonder if a better feature request might be to allow configuration of what fields are returned in reports in a more granular way. 
Kyle Kerst
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Yes Kyle, if I understood correctly, Luis suggests that we can select which fields to include in reports. This can be a good idea. Not sure if it's easy to implement as the reports formatting would need to adapt dynamically.
To be honest, we never used reports :)

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