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Problem reported by Craig Parsons - 8/29/2019 at 4:29 AM
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even though i have this set to 4, when i reply to any ticket i don't see any of the previous messages included, they used to. i think it stopped working around one of the May 2019 updates? Am i missing another setting somewhere or is this a bug?

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Hi Craig.  Click on the Conversations tab on your ticket, and you'll see all previous communication.
Emily Ward Replied
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Hi Craig,

This was actually something changed in the March 28 release (Build 7026). "Changed: When composing a ticket reply, conversation history is appended on message send to avoid browsers from combining code that can cause message formatting issues."  So this is working as it should. And as Rod said you can see the ticket thread in the Communication tab of the compose window.

Since this is working as is should I've changed this to "Not a problem".
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