Is there a way to rebuild all folders for all domains
Question asked by James Huynh - 8/26/2019 at 1:08 PM
My server got some ransomware which i've recovered from, but in webmail, our clients mail/folders don't load properly.

Is there a way to rebuild folders for all domains & folders at once?


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Tony Scholz Replied
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This will depend on the version of SmarterMail that you are using. 

SmarterMail version 15 & 16
Here you can use the 'Rebuild' option from the manage section of the system admin interface. 
For earlier version of SmarterMail

Thank you

[EDITED to remove a link to an internal utility]
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Dominique September Replied
We actually built our own functionality into SM in order to achieve this.

We still use the same API call, but found that it accepted multiple mailboxes/folders.

We therefore find the user's Mail folder, enumerate all the top(Root) level Directories, and push them through the API to be rebuilt. This has come in quite handy in cases where the Mail Service goes a bit crazy under strain and indexes get corrupted and can't rebuild to show all folders in certain mailboxes again.
Happy to share the code if somebody is interested.

SM 16.x

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