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Question asked by Scarab - 8/14/2019 at 3:20 PM
I can't believe I'm actually writing this...

We have one customer attempting to use the AOL Browser (v11.0.2359 7/29/2019) for accessing SmarterMail Build 7153 web interface. Despite not being officially supported it is amazing that they can login fine but whenever a modal window in opened, i.e. New Message, the modal window does not close by itself after the action is taken, i.e. clicking on the [SEND] button, and if they close it manually by pressing the X in the upper-right Title Bar buttons (System Caption buttons in .NET speak) they are returned back to the sign-in screen for SmarterMail. In addition in regards to the New Message modal, although the message is sent and shows in the Sent Items folder (after you've logged back in), it also saves the message in Drafts (I'm assuming because the modal window did not close properly).

For whatever reason customer can't use another browser and cannot install an email client (they are a Federal Govt. Contractor).

I understand this is an unsupported browser and is far too fringe of a case to expect it to be remedied by SmarterTools, however, does anyone have any experience unofficially supporting SmarterMail with AOL Browser, for instance are there settings in AOL Browser that can be set to change modal window behavior?

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Matthew Titley Replied
If I recall, really old AOL client software from early 90s could use text based Gopher protocol to access WAIS and early WWW sites. Maybe give that a go? :o

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