Mobile Browser Support for Online Meetings

Online Meetings in SmarterMail is a great way for teams to work together using audio, video and real time chat. Up to 9 people can be in a video stream, but we have yet to find a limit to the number of people who can participate in audio and chat. 

Online Meetings was built using WebRTC, a javascript-based "real time communication" web platform that allows for peer-to-peer communication. As such, it's gaining wide support on desktop browsers, but there are limitations for mobile browsers. Below are some guidelines for which browsers, on each mobile platform, that currently support WebRTC. When using Online Meetings, therefore, use this as a guideline for mobile users.

Both Chrome and Firefox seem to support WebRTC just fine. Therefore, you shouldn't see many issues when using these two browsers on any Android device.

Unfortunately, Apple puts some limitations on javascript and other functionality in the browsers they allow on their platform. Currenly, Safari shows WebRTC as "experimental" -- and our testing shows that Online Meetings work in Safari on iOS devices, but only 2 video streams actually "work" at any given time. Users may notice other video streams freezing, though audio still works for those frozen streams. At this point in time, no other browsers on iOS support WebRTC