Has anyone incorporated a scheduling tool into SM?
Question asked by Jimmy McCrillis - 8/11/2019 at 4:24 PM
I want a client, customer, etc that does not have an SM email account in our domain to be able to see my calendar availability and select a time to schedule a GotoMeeting event. There are dozens of tools, plug-ins, applications that do this.

Alas, none of them work with SM. They work with Exchange. They work with Outlook.com. They work with Gmail. They work with Office365. Has anyone found a way to accomplish this?

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You may want to check out Harmonizely (https://harmonizely.com/).  It can integrate with standard CalDAV calendars such as that offered by SmarterMail.
viv burrows Replied
What are the correct settings to connect with Harmonizely?

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