Smartertrack is a rigid and not a customer friendly customizable product
Problem reported by David Jeba - 12/1/2014 at 12:10 AM
Not A Problem
A customer is delighted by the features of the product and buys it...
then there is no support, if the client wants any changes to be done in it.
and most of the files are compiled in dll and couldnot modify it for their business requirements
atleast if there is a cost to it to get the source for the dll but theres no one here to help and guide
Im happy with what smatertrack offers outofthebox but im not happy about the fact that i can customize the product beyond that :(
You Pay and get what you see in demo.
And you cannot get any thing customized for your own business requirements.
Its not like Kayako... You pay for kayako and you do whatever you want in kayako
Smartertrack is 50% opensource and 50% closed source [as dlls] 

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Steve Reid Replied
It's not like you are paying for the source when you buy the product. There is an API which should server most company's needs. Also there is a FREE version that you could have played with before your purchase.
David Jeba Replied
well now you got my attention.
can you point me to the right direction to how to do the required changes as illustrated in this image
Andrea Free Replied
Employee Post
Hello David,
As Steve mentioned above, when you purchase a SmarterTrack license, you are buying access to the features of the product. A license does not grant access to the hard coded source that makes up SmarterTrack, as defined and explained in the End User License Agreement that you agreed to when installing the product. With that being said, SmarterTrack does offer many features that allow for personal customization, including the use of custom fields, the ability to add your company logo to the Portal, a section to add your own custom CSS and much more. Please understand that no company can completely customize an application based on individual expectations, as it would then be the only one of its kind and would become unsupportable. 
The request you've made above, and in your other Community thread, is not something that can currently be done in SmarterTrack. The ticket groups are part of the ticketing structure of SmarterTrack and work for the majority of our customers. If this makes SmarterTrack incompatible for your business, you may be able to get a refund based on our 15-day refund policy. I wasn't able to find your account in our customer database to verify the date you purchased your license; however, I'd recommend reaching out to the Sales Department for more information on this if you're interested. You can start a ticket at the Tickets section of the portal, start a live chat using the button to the left, or call us at 877-357-6278. We'd love for your to continue using SmarterTrack, of course, but I understand that companies have different needs and one product may not work for all. 
I hope this helps clarify things for you. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


David Jeba Replied
Andrea Rogers, I didnt mean that smartertrack is not a good tool. ofcourse it is. also i didnt ask you to customize the core files in your next release. what i am asking is, since we buy your software and our requirement is unique to us why cant we have the liberty to customize the required part of the application according to our needs. i know my application will not be able to be upgraded with the latest releases. but still i cant use the application in a way which is pre-defined by you.
I have seen a lot of helpdesk applications which allows it to rename/add the status messages and the categories. thats a simple requirement for me. if it can be done in the management interface i wouldnt need access to the dll source files at all
Webio Replied
When you buy this kind of product you should know what you are buying. Free version allows unlimited testing period so IMHO your topic should be changed to feature request.

I'm not sure how SmarterTrack will handle direct DB changes but you might take a look at tables st_TaskStatuses and st_TicketStatuses. They hold names for ticket and tasks status names.
David Jeba Replied
Well the official answer is "NOT POSSIBLE" you have no access to the codes/dlls to do these changes. If you have no business requirements like this smartertrack is a 100% perfect product for you. If you want any changes like these... you should look into the possibilities deeper before or after your purchase

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