Product Training

SmarterTools provides custom, one-on-one sessions for individuals or groups interested in a more in-depth discussion about, or training in, any SmarterTools product.

This intensive training is customer focused and may require some effort from the customer ahead of time to ensure their particular needs are met. This includes deciding on a course of study, coming up with questions, planning who from the organization will attend and more.

For more information on purchasing and submitting an Individual Training ticket, as well as to view other support ticket options, please refer to the Technical Support page of the SmarterTools website. 

Pricing - BUY NOW

  • $199 per hour


The following are some general guidelines to help users and businesses prepare for their one-on-one training:

  • Once your Individual Training Ticket is purchased and submitted, you will be contacted by an educational facilitator who will go over any additional requirements
  • Individual training is available during normal SmarterTools business hours
  • Sessions are billed in 1 hour increments
  • One product per session is covered 

Session Topics

In order to ensure you receive the full benefit of the session you will need to provide a list of items or topics that you want to cover in your ticket. These topics can include deploying a product, installation, setup, configuration, security or even individual features. It's really up to you. Once the facilitator receives your list of topics, they will be able to give you an estimation of the length of the session. From there, a day and time can be agreed to.