Possible license activation bug in the installer when upgrading from SM 15x to 17x (build 7125)
Problem reported by Linda Pagillo - 7/27/2019 at 4:19 PM
Hey SmarterTools team! Last night I upgraded a server from SM 15x to 17x (build 7125). Everything went beautifully, however, when it got to the point to enter the license key, email address and password in the installer, I entered the correct info, but it threw an error saying that the credentials were invalid. I double-checked the credentials several times, but no dice. I finished the install and then WAS able to activate the license through the admin interface using the same creds that I tried in the installer. Not sure why the installer would not take the creds, but I wanted to report it as a possible bug. Thanks!
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Jade D Replied
Can confirm that I have seen the same behaviour on an upgrade, exact steps with the same results.

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