WebDAV sync
Question asked by Simona Avornicesei - 7/11/2019 at 1:46 PM
Hi all,

I am using DAVx5 (former DAVdroid) to sync my SM contacts and calendars to my phone. SM version is 15.7 and is provided by my hosting company.
Right now:
  1. contacts sync
    1. master categories from SM are not synced to Android
    2. contact group in Android ends up as a new Contact in SM
  2. calendar sync
  3. tasks do not sync (not implemented on SM side according to this thread)
  4. notes do not sync (not implemented on both sides but without SM first exposing the notes, there's no way to complete the sync)
Would you please shed some light about:
  1. How SM exposes master categories for contacts in WebDAV (here is how DAVx5 processes categories)
  2. When (time frame, SM version) tasks and notes will be available in WebDAV

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