WebDav URL for contacts, tasks and notes
Question asked by Bruno Gomes - October 18 at 2:49 PM
How do I get access to the Contacts, Tasks, and Notes WebDav URL just like I have on the calendar?

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Matt Petty Replied
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You can use 
Calendars: https://<yourhost>/WebDAV/cal/
Most modern clients that support multiple resources should be able to work from just the root and autodiscover the other sections, this is client behavior so it may not work on some clients (Thunderbird).

We do not have resource url's for Tasks and Notes. However, if you can point me to a client that can support these types of resources. We could look into adding them in the future.
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Bruno Gomes Replied
It supports: Outlook CalDav Synchronizer
Juan Lai Replied
Hello Matt,
   I am having a question regarding with your answer. So far as I know, we have GAL and personal contacts, as well as Public Calendar and personal Calendar. May I know these URLs respectively?
   Thank you very much.

Juan Lai

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