WebDav URL for contacts, tasks and notes
Question asked by Bruno Gomes - 10/18/2018 at 2:49 PM
How do I get access to the Contacts, Tasks, and Notes WebDav URL just like I have on the calendar?

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Matt Petty Replied
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You can use 
Calendars: https://<yourhost>/WebDAV/cal/
Most modern clients that support multiple resources should be able to work from just the root and autodiscover the other sections, this is client behavior so it may not work on some clients (Thunderbird).

We do not have resource url's for Tasks and Notes. However, if you can point me to a client that can support these types of resources. We could look into adding them in the future.
Matt Petty
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Bruno Gomes Replied
It supports: Outlook CalDav Synchronizer
Juan Lai Replied
Hello Matt,
   I am having a question regarding with your answer. So far as I know, we have GAL and personal contacts, as well as Public Calendar and personal Calendar. May I know these URLs respectively?
   Thank you very much.

Juan Lai
Cyril P. Replied
Would be nice to have tasks supported for CalDav. The CalDAV Synchronizer plugin for Outlook supports syncing tasks. Any idea if you can add it in an upcoming release?
Mail Server Replied
Support would be verry nice.
iPhone supports tasks and notes nativly.
Android: CalDAV-Sync and DAVdroid
Mail Server Replied
So far I'm unable to access SM notes on any client except the Web GUI.
Sébastien Riccio Replied
emClient (natively), thunderbird (with plugin) also support caldav/cardav.

I remember there was a link in SM webui to display the links to the mailbox caldav/cardav but it seems it's gone in 17. Was it available in v16 or my memory is playing with me?

Additionnaly the domain autoconfigure could return the links in the autodiscover.xml, so client supporting these protocols could be autoconfigured.

For example mailcow, an open source mailserver which use SOGo for activesync/caldav/cardav has an autoconfigure that declare all these protocols and it works like a charm.

Could be a nice addition to SM to also have caldav/cardav autoconfigured.
Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

Ben Replied
Did this ever get added? I'd also like to sync tasks but am currently still on v16.
Montague WebWorks Replied
I'm taking on an email client from BlueHost who has a few WebDAV records in their zone file. I'm unsure what to put in their zone file on my server once they move to my DNS and SmarterMail.

This is what BlueHost had...

_carddav    _tcp    0    0    2079    box5241.bluehost.com    4 Hours
_caldav    _tcp    0    0    2079    box5241.bluehost.com    4 Hours
_caldavs    _tcp    0    0    2080    box5241.bluehost.com    4 Hours
_carddavs    _tcp    0    0    2080    box5241.bluehost.com    4 Hours

_carddav._tcp    path=/    4 Hours
_caldav._tcp    path=/    4 Hours
_caldavs._tcp    path=/    4 Hours
Mik MullerMontague WebWorks

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