SmarterMail 15 - Calendar for one user shows blank, but content there
Problem reported by Tina Cline - 6/21/2019 at 5:07 PM
For just 1 user in 1 domain, if you go to the Calendar icon, it is blank - no events on the daily, weekly or monthly tabs.  However, if you go to the "My Today Page" you can see all sorts of appointments.  There is only one calendar in this account.
I tried reindexing, rebuilding and a restore with same results.  I can see the calendarData.xml file and it is full of appointments.  I have tried resetting the filters on the Calendar page - nothing gets them to show there.  I can create a new event and it does not show there, but will show on the My Today Page.
I cannot replicate in any other domain or user.
I tried a restore of the entire user (shutdown service and replaced entire user folder from a backup) and the restore was successful as my test calendar event were gone, but still no love on the calendar page itself.
SM: 15.7.6782 
Any ideas??


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Tina Cline Replied
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This is resolved.  Pretty simple not having the checkmark for the "My Calendar" checked on the dropdown at the top for "Calendars"  
Though I could swear I clicked it many times when I was troubleshooting..perhaps it was not responding correctly until I restarted the service and never went back to check its behavior afterwards...that is my only excuse for this easy blunder.

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