secure comments for tickets
Idea shared by Mazhar Qayyum - 11/28/2014 at 5:58 AM
Hello All,
Can we do following in Smarter Track ?
1. Be able to mark a ticket comment as secure, so that the contents are not sent to customer instead it tells them to log into the portal to view the reply securely.  Employees and customers both need this feature.
2. Be able to delete secure ticket comments automatically once the ticket is marked completed.
3. Be able to encrypt the contents of the secure ticket comments in the database.
Even if these functions are not available out of the box but can be done via custom codes that would be great to know. 
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I am trying to add custom field to ticket and then make it appear in communication log and to customer view. Anyone have any idea how to accomplish this?
just bumping the thread! If anyone have any idea about some different process to accomplish a similar result it would be great to know.
Is there any update on this? I wonder if this feature request was processed?  

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