Unable to add shared calendar to outlook after upgrade to build 7068
Question asked by Information Technology - 5/31/2019 at 7:41 AM
We were first alerted to this issue because a user was unable to add entries to a shared calendar that was in use prior to the upgrade to build 7068. After looking in to the issue we found that the shared calendar permissions were no longer in place. We added the permissions, detached the shared calendar from the users account in webmail, then attached the shared calendar to the users account in webmail. That process was fine but when we try to add the calendar to Outlook, shared calendars are no longer an option.

Has anyone encountered this issue or have suggestions to resolve this issue?

Thank you!

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It seems that a Shared Resource Calendar created under domain settings then mapped to a user can not be added to Outlook using the "add to Outlook" feature. 

In order to use the "add to Outlook" feature we setup a user for the specific purpose of setting up a shared calendar. We shared the calendar under this user then had the allowed users map the shared calendar to their account. Now when clicking "add to Outlook" the shared calendar is an option.

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