New SmarterTrack Release Available -- Build 7074
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - May 15 at 4:08 PM
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Build 7074 (May 15, 2019)

  • Fixed: Cannot transfer tickets between connected SmarterTrack servers.
  • Fixed: Custom Report Item chart drop-down list showing variables instead of the translated words.
  • Fixed: In the Community, when viewing the Moderate or Banned tab, the Mark All as Read action is still visible.
  • Fixed: Specific reports break when adding them as a Custom Report Items.
  • Fixed: Tasks double click open/close when user does not have edit permissions.
  • Fixed: The Live Chat icon in the Management Interface does not appear to agents when the installation is activated with a Professional Edition license.
  • Fixed: When a department's New Tickets in Portal setting is set to All Users (login not required), the Start Ticket button does not appear on the Tickets page of the Portal for visitors that are not logged in.
  • Removed: #mobileadminhyperlink# event variable as it is no longer necessary based on the mobile accessibility of SmarterTrack.
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