Click to Call or Telephony Association
Idea shared by Scott Marx - 4/21/2014 at 4:59 PM
Under Consideration
It would be nice to have a Click to Call function like Skype provides. Just a simple browser plugin that converts phone numbers into links that open up Communicator and initiates a call.
It would also be nice to associate Telephony to Communicator to allow calling from Outlook contacts or at least add the Outlook contacts to the Contacts Tab of Communicator.

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Scott,
SmarterTrack does actually include a click-to-call function that was introduced in version 6.x. It uses the standard callto: function so anything that is assigned to the function will be used. As for associating Telephony to the Communicator, this will be considered for a future version. 
Thanks for your feedback!
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