API: GetTicketURL returns the wrong Brand Host
Problem reported by Tim Winkelmann - 5/10/2019 at 5:58 AM

We have multiple Brands on our SmarterTrack install.
When using the "/Services2/svcTickets.asmx/GetTicketURL" API call, no matter the ticket provided, it always returns a URL using the Host of the first Brand (the default on).

This is not intended and beaks our system.
Is it indeed an issue on your part ? If not, how can I get the correct ticket URL ?

Best regards
Tim Winkelmann

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Hi Tim.  I just tried this on our latest release, and this API call returned the correct brand.  Are you running our latest release?
Tim Winkelmann Replied

Yes, we upgrade our installation as soon as there is a new version available.
I don't have direct access to our production server, so it is quite hard for me to debug this. Do you have any leads ?

Can it have something to do with IIS Site Links (not sure of the English name, see screen capture below) ? Because in my test environment, I have the following, somewhat similar problem:

I added a second Site Link in the IIS Configuration to bind it to a second SmarterTrack Brand.
I removed the default one which was "localhost:9996".
Calling "/Services2/svcTickets.asmx/GetTicketURL" on my test environment still returns a URL with "localhost:9996" instead of "support.first.local", which isn't even a valid URL any more.

I could verify that a ticket opened on my second brand does return the correct URL in my test environment. (support.second.local).

Thanks in advance for your leads.
Tim Winkelmann Replied
Any update on this issue ?

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