API: GetTicketURL returns the wrong Brand Host
Problem reported by Tim Winkelmann - May 10 at 5:58 AM

We have multiple Brands on our SmarterTrack install.
When using the "/Services2/svcTickets.asmx/GetTicketURL" API call, no matter the ticket provided, it always returns a URL using the Host of the first Brand (the default on).

This is not intended and beaks our system.
Is it indeed an issue on your part ? If not, how can I get the correct ticket URL ?

Best regards
Tim Winkelmann

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Rod Lasky Replied
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Hi Tim.  I just tried this on our latest release, and this API call returned the correct brand.  Are you running our latest release?
Rod Lasky
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Tim Winkelmann Replied

Yes, we upgrade our installation as soon as there is a new version available.
I don't have direct access to our production server, so it is quite hard for me to debug this. Do you have any leads ?

Can it have something to do with IIS Site Links (not sure of the English name, see screen capture below) ? Because in my test environment, I have the following, somewhat similar problem:

I added a second Site Link in the IIS Configuration to bind it to a second SmarterTrack Brand.
I removed the default one which was "localhost:9996".
Calling "/Services2/svcTickets.asmx/GetTicketURL" on my test environment still returns a URL with "localhost:9996" instead of "support.first.local", which isn't even a valid URL any more.

I could verify that a ticket opened on my second brand does return the correct URL in my test environment. (support.second.local).

Thanks in advance for your leads.
Tim Winkelmann Replied
Any update on this issue ?

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