Point Your Own Domain Name at your Hosted SmarterTrack Helpdesk

When you signed up for the Hosted SmarterTrack Helpdesk, you chose a domain name for your site such as example.smartertrack.com. This URL is used to access your site and your customers use it to access your portal. However, you can also configure SmarterTrack to use another domain name that you own to access your site. For example, you may decide to use support.example.com or portal.example.com to maintain consistent branding and keep customers from realizing they're using a hosted service. NOTE: This feature is only available to Hosted SmarterTrack subscribers. Trials cannot map custom domain names to a SmarterTrack site.

First, determine the domain name(s) you will use. These are typically in the form of support.yourdomain.com or portal.yourdomain.com. Then in your own DNS servers, add a CNAME record for each domain name that points to your site. Finally, you'll need to configure your site to use the domain name(s) and assign the domain name to a brand. Follow these steps to configure the site to use the domain name(s):

  1. Log into your account at the SmarterTools website.
  2. Click on Hosted Services.
  3. Find the URL for the appropriate site and click Manage Domains.
  4. Follow the instructions to add the desired domain name(s).
  5. Click Save.

If you want several domain names to point to your hosted SmarterTrack helpdesk but want each domain name to display different content, logos, etc., please refer to the KB article Create Host Headers for Use with Brands.

NOTE: A custom domain used with Hosted SmarterTrack can be secured with an SSL certificate. For assistance setting up a custom SSL certificate, please submit a request to the Support Department.


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