New SmarterMail Release Available -- Build 7068
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - May 9 at 1:46 PM
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Build 7068 (May 9, 2019)

  • Changed: "Download Chat History" button is now hidden on mobile devices due to storage limitations on mobile.
  • Changed: Default spam weight for UCEProtect Level 1 changed from 15 to 10.
  • Changed: Mailing list subscriber bounces now tied to a specific list rather than being global for the subscriber.
  • Changed: Untrusting a sender no longer moves the message to the Junk Email folder.
  • Changed: Updated moment-timezone package to fix a myriad of web interface UTC offset issues.
  • Efficiency: Changed the IP Access Manager (blacklist and whitelist IPs) to use caching system to decrease disk I/O and CPU usage.
  • Efficiency: Optimized SharePoint calendar syncing code to accommodate large calendars.
  • Efficiency: Optimized the greylist file caching in order to decrease disk I/O and CPU usage.
  • Fixed: "Appointment occurs in the past" warning prompt may appear when it should not.
  • Fixed: "Related Item" does not show in new tasks added from email "Add Task" option until saving and reopening that task.
  • Fixed: A spoofed From address might still show "Trusted Sender" tag even if the message had spam weight applied.
  • Fixed: Adding an appointment at midnight results in the appointment not showing in web interface except in All Appointments view.
  • Fixed: All-day appointments adding via Outlook EAS in +UTC timezones are showing a day earlier in web interface.
  • Fixed: Attachments in Outlook for Mac do not always show up inline or as attachments.
  • Fixed: Browser console errors when adding a task via the email "Add Task" option.
  • Fixed: Deleting a mailing list now removes that subscription from all subscribed users.
  • Fixed: Edited From address in certain system messages may not save properly.
  • Fixed: Error when trying to map a shared calendar if you first selected a domain resource in the dropdown.
  • Fixed: From address in system-level event actions is always saved as default value.
  • Fixed: If a remote connection fails (not because of timeout), the log message will now say "Exception: Connection failed." instead of the system TimeoutException message.
  • Fixed: In Task grid view "... on [account]" does not show in the source column.
  • Fixed: Issue with licensing failing to activate.
  • Fixed: Mailing list opt-in link adds a guid rather than the email address for subscribers.
  • Fixed: Mapped Junk Email folders show as "Junk E-Mail" in modal.
  • Fixed: New tasks default to canceled when using the email "Add Task" option.
  • Fixed: Non-breaking exception is being written into the API service logs.
  • Fixed: Notifications do not fire for appointments in different timezone than server.
  • Fixed: Pressing ENTER key in Impersonate modal attempts to impersonate before email validation is done briefly showing red toaster message.
  • Fixed: Propagating domain setting "Inbound Message Delivery" as "External- Use MX Record" does not work.
  • Fixed: Renaming a category does not update the associated appointments and notes.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which password protected mailing lists could send the password in message subject line to external subscribers.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which User Spam Filter overrides would not work.
  • Fixed: Scenario where posters may not be able to send messages to mailing list.
  • Fixed: Scenario where users could map to their own shared resources.
  • Fixed: Scenarios in which the parent folder auto-clean rules would not run (e.g., if domain is allowed to override but has not overrides configured the system rules would not run).
  • Fixed: Subscriber bounces removed when the user is unsubscribed from a list.
  • Fixed: Switching between Antispam tabs breaks if user is on page 2 or higher before switching.
  • Fixed: Trusting/untrusting and blocking/unblocking a sender does not work when performed on a folder shared with you.
  • Fixed: Users are unable to delete folders under My Files in File Storage using context menu.
  • Fixed: Users subscribed but not opted-in to a mailing list receive emails.
  • Fixed: Users with no subscriptions are saved to the subscribers file, which increases the file size unnecessarily.
  • Fixed: With a domain configured as "External - Use Host Address" with "Delivery locally is user exists" enabled, the mailing list command address is not treated as local user so list commands do not work.
  • Security: Fixed vulnerabilities associated to reading XMLs.
  • Translations: Updated the Portuguese (Brazil) translation file.
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