Launching localhost:9999 doe not load
Problem reported by Chris Luckhurst - 4/16/2019 at 7:18 AM
Just trying out Smarterstats on our Dev box.  Installation required .NET update, performed, rebooted and completed the install. I selected 1 site and continued.

localhost:9999 would not display any content, normal 

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

- no proxies
- using chrome, tried IE - same 
- checked netstat -ano - nothing running on 9999
- IIS is on this machine
- there are a few ip's bound to the server.

- Restarted the 1 service I could find, no change
- tried iis reset command - no change.

Any other suggestions        

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Chris Luckhurst Replied
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Resolved, I miss understood when I selected "choose a site" vs create a site. I was thinking it was asking for the site I wanted to report on.

I am hoping I did not overwrite anything and have asked the Dev team to confirm.

Derek Curtis Replied
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Another thing you can do, especially on fresh installs where you set a host name, is to use that host name instead of "localhost" or the IP address. Post installation, products will generally revert to localhost, which can result in a failure to load the management interface. Using the host name you set during installation should work just fine. 
Derek Curtis
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Chris Luckhurst Replied
Just a follow up, I installed this on a Dev server.  We have two physical servers for our Websites. Can I say fire-up a new machine on the network (Windows 10 as example), install the stats program and point it to the "shared" log folder on our network.

That way there is no new installation on our servers -- to avoid the potential of muckery!

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