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Question asked by John Marx - 4/11/2019 at 10:03 AM
Two of us are looking for calendar sharing on v17. Where is it? We have tried settings, ... on calendar, and anything that seems "logical". This is all web interface. Please enlighten are lack of finding.

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Robert Emmett Replied
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John, if you are trying to share a local/personal calendar with other users, click on the calendar name in the left nav pane.  It will open a modal on which the second tab has sharing information.  You can configure other others and/or groups with desired permissions.  If the calendar is a domain calendar, in domain settings go to Shared Resources and create/edit a calendar there.  Again, on the modal you would config the sharing permissions.

For users that have shared calendar available for them, can click on the bottom left icon (see below) and select Map Calendars.  This modal lists all calendars that have not already been attached.
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John Marx Replied
Thanks Robert. I didn't want a new one but did just click on "My Calendar" and see a sharing. I never thought of clicking on that but will let the team know I just did that. Not sure how you could make it more intuitive. I was looking for the ... to have sharing or something.

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