Calendar Sharing Problem for recurring events.
Problem reported by Ng Cher Choon - 3/28/2019 at 1:05 AM
We are using the latest version of SM Build 7016. 

When user A creates a recurring event on the calendar using ActiveSync for Outlook, and shared out his calendar to user B. User B can see User A calendar with no problem, except those recurring events. The time reflected was wrong.

For example, User A sets a recurring event for every Monday from 2pm to 3pm. User B will see his shared calendar from 9am to 10am on every Monday. 

There is no problem if User A sets a normal event. User B will see User A appointment time correctly

Both Outlook and SM Webmail shows the same problem for all recurring events when it was shared out.

Our time zone is +8 Singapore time.

Can this be solved?


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