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Idea shared by Fadi Hussein - 2/24/2019 at 9:05 AM
Hi, we started recently shifting users to use webmail instead of Outlook, one of the big issues we face is how to attach emails to an email, if I go and select multiple emails and click forward, they will be attached to a new email, but how I can do this when I'm replying to an email? How do you handle this?I'm sure plenty of webmail users ran into this issue; Any workaround for this?

We are using smarternail 16


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Is there a chance this feature will be added to smartermail 17x? the likes of gmail and outlook.com and other mail services already allow you to drag drop multiple emails as attachments in email, dont see why smarter wont create this feature into its webmail.

Emily Ward Replied
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Hello Fadi,

Thank you for you the suggestion.  I've submitted this request to our deveilopers for considereration.  And I've changed your post from a bug report to an Idea under consderation.
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Agreed, we have clients who would probably give sacrifices to have this feature. I believe I have requested this years ago though, back in the SM15 days.
We too have customers that want this feature
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We talked a bit about this morning and decided to reject this. We decided to reject this as we realized you can customize this feature for users under Settings > Forwarding > Forward Method. Due to this we decided not to add another rightclick/dropdown option specifically for this when we have the ability to already change how it functions. I was not really aware of this setting myself, I felt the same way about this feature (should be added) until discovering that. Hopefully this option satisfies the user. I could still potentially see some use if you use both methods interchangeably but at least this is possible.

Hi Robert,

Not sure if we are talking about the same function here, the setup you mentioned will consider any forward email as attachment which is not the same thing we are talking about here. i'm not asking for email i forward to be as attachment...no logic in this to forward single email as attachment, will be easier just to scroll down and read it.

what i was asking about is that if you want to attach multiple emails at the same time to existing email which you are replying to or forwarding it. currently you can forward multiple emails as attachment (as per the setting mentioned) to a new email, you cannot attach it to certain email which you are replying to it.

Hope again smartermail will have another look at the request.

best regards,
HI Robert,

This is totally 2 different features we are talking about and should not be declined. I have a client requesting for this feature, that's why i stumbled upon this post. They want to attach an email within an email to send out. 

This has nothing to do with the forwarding of email.
I think the original post is about being able to forward one or more e-mail as an attachement instead of inline.

Like you can do in any e-mail client. Select some mails >right click > forward as attachment, which has nothing to do with the automatic forwarding...

This is particulary useful when someone ask you to send an original mail with all the headers. At the moment it seems you can't do it from the SmarterMail webmail, you need to setup a client to it.

Kind regards
Sébastien Riccio
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