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Idea shared by Fadi Hussein - 2/24/2019 at 9:05 AM
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Hi, we started recently shifting users to use webmail instead of Outlook, one of the big issues we face is how to attach emails to an email, if I go and select multiple emails and click forward, they will be attached to a new email, but how I can do this when I'm replying to an email? How do you handle this?I'm sure plenty of webmail users ran into this issue; Any workaround for this?

We are using smarternail 16


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Is there a chance this feature will be added to smartermail 17x? the likes of gmail and and other mail services already allow you to drag drop multiple emails as attachments in email, dont see why smarter wont create this feature into its webmail.

Emily Ward Replied
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Hello Fadi,

Thank you for you the suggestion.  I've submitted this request to our deveilopers for considereration.  And I've changed your post from a bug report to an Idea under consderation.
Emily Ward
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Agreed, we have clients who would probably give sacrifices to have this feature. I believe I have requested this years ago though, back in the SM15 days.
We too have customers that want this feature

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