SmarterTrack hyperlink custom fields should be "clickable"
Idea shared by Speednet - 2/21/2019 at 3:08 PM
When an agent views custom fields in a ticket, each of the custom fields can be clicked by the agent and viewed or changed.  (As long as the ticket template has the field set to "Show in communications view".)  That works great, except for hyperlinks.  They really should be able to be clicked by the agent, which would open the link in a new tab.

As it stands right now, Hyperlink custom fields are basically the same thing as Text custom fields.  At the very least there should be an "open external link" symbol next to the link allowing it to be opened.

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Andrew Barker Replied
Employee Post
On the Communication tabs, this is by design. This behavior allows agents to update the custom field value as necessary. To quickly visit the URL, you can go to the Custom Fields tab, where there should be a View button next to any URL fields.

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Of course it is totally your company's prerogative to decline this idea, but think about this:  It takes multiple clicks to actually go to the hyperlink, but the ability to edit the link is right there.  To me it doesn't make any sense from a usability standpoint.  Our agents would rarely edit a link, but indeed would click a link all the time as a matter of business.  Editing a link should be more complicated than clicking it.

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