build 6985 spool issue
Problem reported by CTL - 2/21/2019 at 4:13 AM
Mail spool not working properly ,  For example  bundle of email under spool not deliver either of the method ie Forced, Reset retries , change priority , When we delete spool mail manually ,  the spool count notification not deduct the number , persist old notifications ,  Admin module need to improvement speed because the localhost environment huge delay moving one link to another link

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Without having access to your environment, there are a few things you can check:
  1. If you're running Declude, there is a workaround necessary as the current build of SmarterMail uses JSON instead of XML files. You can read more of that here (I've linked to the reply with the fix): https://portal.smartertools.com/community/a91425/important-info-about-smartermail-sm17_x-and-declude.aspx#118172
  2. Make sure your server meets at least the minimum specs listed on the system requirements page here: http://help.smartertools.com/SmarterMail/current/Topics/Installation/Requirements.aspx
  3. Check your logs to determine why a message failed to send. There may be something wrong at the receiving end rather than the sending end. 
With the limited number of users you have, slowness shouldn't be an issue. And as long as things are set up properly on the server, with your domains, etc. you shouldn't see any issues with the spool 
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CTL Replied

The following answer for your questions

1) Declude not installed in our server
 2) 2012 R2 .net framework 4.7.3062.0
3) Let me know specific reason for the slow moving page ?    Bundle of email under spool stating mail deliver status but removed few emails under spool notifications , once reboot the server then spool account went to zero , Some issue on delivered mail under spool settings 

Delivered message still in spool

While deleted mail from spool and look at spool count show old spool number. The above two screen from google chrome.  Again tested with logout google chrome and re login with firefox browser the spool count still persist .  Both browser consume lot of CPU process its reach 70 % to 100 %
CTL Replied
Again I noticed mail forward, For example I am going one email content  forward from three different domain then the forward will receive one copy of email , Should be three email because I am receiving three different domain but content should be same. Let me know the solution 

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