Does SmarterTrack show brand and department numeric IDs anywhere?
Idea shared by Speednet - 2/17/2019 at 4:52 PM
The SmarterTrack API requires the use of a numeric brand and department ID in many places, but I have been unable to find these ID numbers anywhere in the management interface.  Am I missing it?

If the ID numbers are not published anywhere in the interface, can I please request that they be added someplace so it's easy to plug them into the API?

(I know it's possible to list them using a different API function, but that makes development harder and more complex.)


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Andrew Barker Replied
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At this time, SmarterTrack does not list the ID numbers anywhere in the interface. I will change this thread to an idea to allow other users to vote on your suggestion of adding the IDs to the management interface.

Andrew Barker
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SmarterTools Inc.
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Thanks Andrew.  One particular thing that would make it useful to see the ID number in the interface is that sometimes you might have the same department names in different brands.  For example, "Support Department" might exist within several different brands.  Showing the ID number somewhere in the interface would help differentiate them when choosing the right ID number for an API call.

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