Why is inactive cluster node able to start Mailservice?
Question asked by Falk Brockerhoff - 1/31/2019 at 8:32 AM
Hello SmarterMail Community and Developers,

actually I'm facing the problem, that I'm able to start the SmarterMail Service on the inactive node.

Our failover setting is configured like described here. Both nodes are working perfectly fine. But the inactive node (called MAIL02) is not throwing the "Access Denied" error message, when I start the Mailservice in Windows:

Like you see in the above screenshot the other node, called MAIL01, ist throwing the error message when the service on MAIL02 ist running.
In the failover settings both nodes are shown but there is also the message "Failover is not enabled. To enable failover, please refer to the Online Help."

Did someone had this problem also or an idea why starting the service is possible on the inactive node?

Kind regards,


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