Where is my spam?
Question asked by Frank Jensen - 1/23/2019 at 3:22 PM
Im testing Smartermail as we want to replace our current mailserver software.

On our current software our spam filter move around 100 spam mail to my junk folder every day.
It have been like this for month.

Now for testing I have moved my mail account to smartermail.
(Along with a few other clients).

What troubles me is that I now get next to nothing in the junk folder.
I have disabled greylisting and I have switched spam check to spool only.

I would then expect to see the same amount of spam in junk/inbox but still nothing.

Am I missing something - does smartermail block mail before it hits the server/logs?
I have also searched the delivery and smtp logs - but I simply can not find the "missing" spam.

What could cause this?

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Linda Pagillo Replied
Hi Frank. Can you post a screenshot of your antispam area in SmarterMail? You may have a configuration issue.
Linda Pagillo
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Frank Jensen Replied
Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
I had thought this might be delayed MX record updates, but these check out, and SMTP tests to your SmarterMail server are completing successfully. From what I can see all mail should be making it to your server. If you're concerned it is not, I recommend opening a support ticket so we can review your deployment in more detail.
Kyle Kerst
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Frank Jensen Replied
No DNS record are not changed, smartermail got the old servers IP.
Also I dont think im missing real mail. Only the spam levels hitting my account are not normal.

Smartermail junk last 2 days = 6 mails.
Old server last 8 days = 850 mails in junk.

Smartermail smtp log yesterday:
cmd: RCPT TO: <ME@mydomain.dk> 57 mails.

Delivery log:
Starting local delivery to ME@mydomain.dk 21

I will send it to support also.

Frank Jensen Replied
Still only 10% of normal spam level received.

23rd to 29th jan - 78 spam received on Smartermail. (for one account).
40 in Junk folder.
26 caught by Outlook Junk
12 not caught.

Steve Norton Replied
Did you have Greylisting enabled on your old server?

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