Cannot see Calendar events after upgrade
Problem reported by Dray R - 12/27/2018 at 3:06 PM
I upgraded to the latest build, from an older version (I think 14 or 15) about a week ago. In the new install I cannot see any of my calendar events. My calendar is essentially blank at this point. Any ideas on how to restore?
Also, I cannot enable the "Today page" in any of the settings tabs.

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John Marx Replied
Have you tried:

  • Ctrl+F5 to force a full pull from the server? 
  • Clearing your browser cache?
These seem to be the fixes we see working for us.
Dray R Replied
Thanks @John Marx.  That didn't work either.
I did backup my old files. Any idea which ones I would need to restore to get back my calendar events.

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