appear.in video in sm 16 not work !
Problem reported by gerimaster - 12/20/2018 at 4:20 PM

We have payed for this feature sm 16 license. I think is not possible to include video chat only in sm17.
We can't use this feature anymore.

The room /mzhlytzintiwmdi0ndm5mtkwnzuzzgi4otzmmgjlzdh8yxnwbmv0lmh1 does not exist. Are you sure you’ve entered the correct URL?
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Employee Replied
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Németh, the latest current build of SmarterMail (100.0.xxxx) includes audio / video chat functionality using browser WebRTC technology directly within the product.  Appear.in changed their pricing models and no longer allow video chatting without an external account with them.  This is one reason why it was removed from the latest version of SmarterMail.  Video conferencing is still available--just natively now.  Please contact sales or support if you would be interested in upgrading from SmarterMail 16 to the latest version.
gerimaster Replied
It is not our fault. Sm16 has been admitted that video conferencing is capable. You have trouble agreeing with the suppliers. The sm17 video component must be placed on sm16. Each user has the right to use the service that he has paid for. 

Not to mention that sm16 just works normally after 100+ bug fixes. Virtually when we paid the license, it was useless for almost a year. 

To date, the forum is full of comments that do not install sm16 or sm17 because it is full of errors.
Do we get the money back then? After all, we could never use sm16. Just a few days ago.
Now it does not work the most important part of the conference. 
echoDreamz Replied
It's not SmarterTools fault either... This is why v17 came out and removed appear.in. They fixed it and brought the service in internally. They were bought by another company, they are no longer dealing with the original supplier, the original supplier is now another company. We bought many thousands of dollars worth of Gene6 licenses, one day, they stopped responding to the forum, they stopped responding to tickets, disappeared off the face of the earth. We invested tons of time and effort into integrating their product into our control panel. There was no refunds, no checks written for our wasted efforts on integration to our CP. Had to move to another FTP server, Cerberus spend more time and money integrating it instead. HINT HINT SmarterTools, SmarterFTP would be f**** fantastic :). Do you get mad with Samsung, when they stop supporting a certain phone because it is 3 years old or something, or when Apple says they are done supporting the iPhone 4. No, you move to the next version if you want OS upgrades, further improvements and bug fixes.

Yeah, SM 16 had a TON of issues, we know, trust me, we basically beta tested it for over a year, but that was our choice to upgrade. SM 17 also has its share of issues. What application, program, service etc. doesnt. That is why we have updates and new versions/builds. I can tell you this though, SM is working their ass off on SM 17. We have even dedicated our massive mail server to their cause and allowing them to run profiles and tests etc. to make the product better for us and everyone else.

From experience and testing, I can tell you that the new version, 17, the TeamWorkspace feature works brilliantly. Sitting here bitching and whining on the forum because you refuse to upgrade isnt doing anyone any good. If you want to stick to v16, fine, disable the feature on the domain's settings and call it a day until you feel SM 17 is stable for you. Do what we did, test the conversion on another machine, if you have a small enough server, you can probably copy all the data to another machine and test with real data, grp files etc. If you find an issue, log a ticket, they've been plowing through them for us. The new support model, you can submit tickets worry free without having to shell out $75 each time and hoping its a bug.

tl;dr, quit complaining and stay where you are at, upgrade and enjoy the new workspace feature or move on.

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