What's the difference between SmarterMail latest EXE and MSI downloads?
Question asked by Gabriele Maoret - 12/18/2018 at 3:51 AM
What's the difference between SmarterMail latest EXE and MSI downloads?

What is the best procedure to mantain SmarterMail updated?

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Larry Duran Replied
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Hello Gabriele, the MSI will only install the latest SmarterMail updates.  The EXE performs extra checks on the server that may be useful (like IIS settings, system requirements, etc.).

Which one you choose is up to you, however, using the EXE is the safer choice.  For instance, if we change the .NET version the EXE will let you know and update to that version.  The MSI will not do this for you so it would be a manual step.
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Matt Petty Replied
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Our MSI's and EXE's used to be functionally different from eachother and would actually cause issues if one was installed over the other. However, starting with the new 17, the MSI and EXE are, to the system, the same so you can install one or the other. We found out last night that the MSI installs waayyyy faster than the EXE does when doing an upgrade on our SmarterTools box.

However, this is where they differ. The EXE handles licensing the product (if you aren't already licensed), installs the pre-requisites, Adds the website to IIS, Bounces the SM app pool.
But, if you've already licensed your product, added the site to IIS, and you have the pre-reqs. You can totally use the MSI now.

THIS IS ONLY 17/100 and UP! Do not do this with an older version of SmarterMail, otherwise your gonna have to repair your registry and hack the duplicate install out of windows.

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John Marx Replied
Be good if you include this on the download page. I downloaded the .exe for the first install to make certain we had "everything" (based on size) and the next we did the .MSI. Problem though is after the MSI for us the mailConfig.xml that we had renamed vanished (based on you don't use it -- but Declude does) so we just had to restore that from our backups.
Ionel Aurelian Rau Replied
+1 for adding this information on the download page - if this information should be somewhere that`s where is logically belongs. You have a lot of links and information on that download page, but it`s really confusing. There are 3 links that should be placed in such a manner that everyone reads them BEFORE clicking on the Download button:
1. The difference between the 2 installers
2. The method of performing a major update
3. The method of performing a minor update
Gabriele Maoret Replied
Thaks to Matt and Larry for the answers!


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