CalDav & CardDav - syncing one way only
Problem reported by Brantz - 12/16/2018 at 1:37 PM
Hi - Since I upgraded to Build 6919 (Dec 11, 2018), CardDav and CalDav appear to only sync one way, TO my mobile phone users, but new calendar or contact entries & edits made on the phone side do not propagate back to SM.  Is there some security setting that needs to be set or something else that needs to be done?  This worked in previous builds and we have made no other changes.

Also, I notice that the URIs that used to be visible for users to connect to CalDav and CardDav are no longer present from the web interface, did they go somewhere else?


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Robert Emmett Replied
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Brantz, this issue should be fixed in tonight's release (Build 6925).
Robert Emmett
Software Developer
SmarterTools Inc.
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Brantz Replied
Just tested it and it now works.  Thanks!

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