An extension to transition licensing while upgrading to SmarterMail v17
Idea shared by Proto - 12/5/2018 at 7:09 PM
As an incentive to get as many accounts as possible migrated to v17 as early as possible I'd like to suggest that the 30 day period during which you may use the license key to have SmarterMail installed on two servers be extended to cover a period between the first v17 production release date and some short period following the inclusion of MAPI - this for servers covered by upgrade protection to be fair to ST.

Without that, many of us may wait until MAPI is confirmed as released before beginning the migration and we all loose valueable in-field experience and opportunities to sort out any wrinkles more quickly.
MAPI over HTTP - Let's flesh it out for Outlook with a full set of Exchange like features!

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