warning when an email is answered by another person
Idea shared by Roeland Buisman - November 22, 2018 at 3:20 AM
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Good morning.

When I send an ticket to email1@domain.com and that person is forwarding to email2@domain.com who answers to my tiket, the emailaddress email1@domain.com is still related to the ticket. So if I answer the email without manually changing the emailaddress to email2@domain.com the wrong person will receive my email. 

I guess there is a good reason for this, but would it be possible to get a warning/action message in this case like: 

"please note that the  received ticket was sent by email2@domain.com, do you want to change th emaildress related to this ticket?  

Thanks already!

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In this case we recommend using the reply all or changing the email address manually to the new email address if you do not want to use the reply all.

We will bring up this feature request in our next discussion for future versions.
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