Contacts In Grid View - SM17
Problem reported by Scott Forsythe - 11/20/2018 at 1:31 PM
When clicking on a contact (not a Global Address List contact) in Grid View the contact information is not displayed. The contact window appears without any information. I installed SM 17 on a brand new server today.

Reproduced with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on multiple machines.
SmarterMail 17 Free Edition Build 6897

I posted this in the SM 17 Beta forum but it appears that the thread was lost. 

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Employee Replied
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Scott, can you open the the console window when the popup window first open and report any console errors you may see?  I cannot replicate that issue.
Scott Forsythe Replied
Hi Robert, I displayed the console window in Chrome and no errors were reported after the popup window was opened.

I can get you a test mailbox on our server. I'll send it to sales.
Scott Forsythe Replied
I upgraded to 6898 and now it's working for the most part. I'll do some more testing and give you an update.

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