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Question asked by Adam Willford - 11/27/2014 at 9:59 AM
Hi all,
Hoping someone here can help us out a little bit...
We are currently in the process of migrating our web servers to new ones and that includes SmarterStats.
As part of this, we are aiming to export particular sites from the old server..
There is a KB I have found and it seems be easy enough to do that, however the problem is we are unable to remember the main administration account password.
Again, there is a KB I have found on this however it relates to v6.x onwards.
The Help files have a link to a KB article but I assume it has been deleted, as it now just links to the main page.
Is there anyone around that knows how to reset it on that old of a version?
Thank you in advance!

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Bruce Barnes Replied
You will require ADMINISTRATIVE access to the server on which SmarterMail is installed.
Once you've logged into the server, follow the instructions in this KB article from SmarterMail:
There is no other way to reset the master SmarterMail ADMIN username and password.
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Adam Willford Replied
Hi Bruce,

Thank you for your reply, however that thread is specifically for v7.x and above.

The issue I have is that v4.x doesn't seem to contain that same folder structure, or certainly not the AppConfig.xml in order to follow that KB.


Grady Werner Replied
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The process should still be the same.  I believe that the MRS\App_Data\Config\AppConfig.xml file has been there since SmarterStats 3.  Our customer service just didn't confirm that resolution against versions older than 6.x.
If you still can't find it, that's what our support department is good at helping with.  Start a ticket and we'll walk you through it.
Grady Werner SmarterTools Inc. www.smartertools.com
Grady Werner Replied
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Your link is for SmarterMail, Bruce. He was talking about SmarterStats.
Grady Werner SmarterTools Inc. www.smartertools.com

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