mail client can't connect to smartermail
Question asked by joao joao - 11/10/2018 at 2:53 AM

I am dealing with the problem using the Smartermail. We did a change to the domain name, after that thunderbird or other mail clients stop connecting to the Smartermail. 

I am able to connect via telnet to port 25 and check EHLO command the result is:
250-mail.brmail.eu Hello
250-SIZE 31457280
250 OK

So i don't see any STARTLS, that is normal, because at this point it doesn't exist. However, I still would expect to be able to connect in Plain-Text without SSL/TLS. 

Can anybody help me on this?

Best regards,

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Paul Blank Replied
FYI I am using SM V15 (now 1 version behind), with Thunderbird and IMAP,  both LAN access via non-secure ports (143/25) and WAN access using SSL (993/465 - insecure ports are closed to the outside world) and am having no issues with these.

Kyle Kerst Replied
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Hello! Sorry to hear you're having trouble connecting to your SmarterMail server. When you say that you did a change to the domain name - what do you mean here? Was the server moved to a new location, or did just the domain name change? Can you provide the host name of the newly configured mail server so that we can complete testing? Thanks in advance!
Kyle Kerst
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joao joao Replied

Thank you for your replies. The server did not move to a different location, only the domain name was changed through Smartmail admin settings, Manage -> Options -> Rename domain name.

Currently, the server is mail.corgosonline.de, and that is original from the first configuration. But once i rename it, thunderbird doesn't login using the mail server configured, i.e. using the new name of the server.

Is that procedure correct for renaming a domain name? do I have to do some other things?

Best regards,

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