SmarterMail Logs get chopped off
Question asked by Jay Altemoos - 10/25/2018 at 10:18 AM
Hi everyone. Has anyone run into an issue where you are checking either an entire day or a few days that the Web interface seems to chop off the log at some point? We are using SmarterMail Version 15.7.6844 and today I just wanted to check the SMTP logs for the entire day. So I select the Log and did not enter any criteria so i get all of it and did not have the "Display related traffic" checked either. For whatever reason more than half of the log is chopped off in the web interface. If I feed some criteria to the filter then this doesn't happen. My SMTP log for today is roughly 16MB currently. Anyone else run into this? Should I use the standalone log viewer?

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Nicolas Fertig Replied
This also is the case with latest 16.x. The logs from the troubleshooting page of the web interface are truncated. We usually download them and open them in ultraedit or so.
But it would be nice if this gets fixed...
Employee Replied
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Jay, we limit the amount that is shown in the web interface to 1 MB.  We recommend that you download the logs and view in a third-party editor if you need the full logs.  This is by design.

On a side note, we did notice and fix an issue where scrolling the logs could be slow in the interface--even with only 1 MB of data in the textarea control.  We added the spellcheck="false" attribute to the element tag and noticed an immediate performance in the scrolling.
Jay Altemoos Replied
Thank you for the quick reply Robert. Good to know on the limit in the web interface. I'll just download the log and use a text editor to view larger logs. 

Thank you I appreciate it.

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