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Idea shared by Roeland Buisman - October 15, 2018 at 1:54 AM
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Good morning! 

I would like to propose 2 features for Smartertrack 15 concerning "related tickets": 

1: when FORWARDING a ticket, the ticket will be send to another emailaddress and therefore it should have a new ticketnumber. The problem is that when it keeps the same ticketnumber, it will mix up the different conversations. For example:

I receive an email with a question from a customer: "Is part number 1 BLEU? " I don't know the answer so I forward this ticket to a supplier, asking him that question. When I receive an answer back from the supplier, there are 2 problems: 

*            when I want to ask more to the supplier, based on his answer,  and I just answer on his reply, my new question will be send to the original emailaddress instead of the supplier. And of course I don't want that. 
*             When I don't want to ask something else to the supplier, but want to answer the customer with the correct information, also the conversation with the supplier is in the ticket, and of course I don't want that.

My suggestion would be to handle forwarding as a NEW ticket with its own emailaddress, and its own ticketnumber, that will be RELATED to original ticket automatically. 

I think it is important to change it like this, as I can't think of any situation where it shgould be handled as it is done now. 

2: It would be nice to have the option to make a related ticket directly with a button "new related ticket"or something.  

The problem that there is now, is that when I make a new ticket to for example again a supplier, I can't directly add copy the ticketnumer in the new ticket as being related. I need to send the new ticket, then I have to go to the RECENT items, copy the ticket number, and add this ticketnumber as a related ticket to the original ticket. 
It is too many steps, and also the new ticket should be related to the original ticket, and not likewise. 

I hope the last one is clear :-) 

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We have added your suggestions to our internal tracking system for further discussion.

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