How can i create a report mailbox size, current & Limite of mailbox in smartermail V12.4 or How to configure email alert before size of mailbox is full?
Question asked by Souksavang Hengonsavanh - 11/27/2014 at 3:04 AM
Dear Everyone,
    Please help me. How can i create a report of Mailbox Size of all users in the 1xDomain of my mail server.
1)   I need to know current size of mailbox for all users.
2)   Limit or Mailbox Size that I setup for each users in 1xDomain of my Mail Server.
All above i need to show in 1xReport. Anyone how can i Do this?
Or how can i configure Email Alert  to send email alert or inform to each user and Administrator to inform size of mailbox is 75% ,85% & etc.. before Mailbox Size each users in 1xDomain a Full.
Thank you so much to everyone for help.
Best regards,

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John Marx Replied
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You need to be logged in as a domain administrator to do this. Below are the steps.
  1. Click on Reports
  2. Expand "Domain Summary Reports"
  3. Expand "Traffic Reports"
  4. Click on "Disk Usage"
This will show all users , there last login, total dis space they are using and the maximum disk space that they are allocated. If there is a - that means there is no maximum file size restriction.
This won't give you a % of usage but you export (CSV or TAB delimited) the information and have Excel do the calculation process for you.
thank you so much!! i got it.

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