reply with more then one address to choose from
Idea shared by Richard Frank - July 12 at 3:23 AM
Is it possible to link more addresses (within the domain) to one mailbox
when composing a mail one can choose what the reply from address is
the comfort is one uses just one mailbox can receive on multiple addresses but also reply from these addresses
I do not mean aliases. These are actually forwards and not directly linked to the mailbox.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Richard, 
You can use Email Retrieval and SMTP Accounts for this. When you have an SMTP Account configured, you can choose that address from the Send From dropdown. When you have Email Retrieval configured, emails from another mailbox can be imported into your account. This article explains more in detail. Let me know if this will suffice: 

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Hello Andrea,

These are for external accounts, am I correct?
What if I want mail adresses within the domain on the smartermail server?

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