WEBDAV not working anymore
Problem reported by Ton Trommelen - 6/19/2018 at 6:24 AM
Since version 16.3.6740 (and I think also since 16.3.6729) WEBDAV/CALDAV is not working anymore;
I use DAVdroid on my Android 8 phone to sync the SM calendar and this gives an error: "Bad Web Request 400" error on my phone.
Going back to 16.3.6705 fixed the problem without changing anything on my phone.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Hello Ton,
Are you still experiencing this issue with the custom build we provided? 

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


Ng Cher Choon Replied
We are still experiencing the Bad Request upon the login to the WebDAV. There is no log found in the WebDAV in the troubleshooting. We are using the latest version of Version 16.3.6816

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