delete button is accidently clicked.
Idea shared by Richard Frank - 6/11/2018 at 5:09 AM
Under Consideration
Customers of mine complain they accidently delete mails because the Delete button is prominently Red next to the reply button.
First request, switch these buttons
or better but that's a wish of mine. Have the reply & forward button there next to each other and the delete button to the other side. I tried to be creative with paint.net

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I agree with the second layout, more usable and clear
v15 layout
buttons in right order
and buttons available in one click.. not drop down menu
Too logical. Actually a very good idea.
Hello Support,

The same apply to Domain, please add in a confirmation message when user click on "Delete" accidentally while they wish to click "Manage".

Agree with suggestions made and added my vote
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Thanks for your feedback, everyone. This has been added to our discussion list. We'll post updates here as they are available. 
Couldnt you manually edit the template and move them?
And loose the change with every update? 

I had a very similar suggestion with buttons. It was to add a dropdown to the [New] button so that you could use it to create a new calendar, contact, or task.

A few simple changes to the buttons and the UI would make SM easier to use and provide a smoother migration for users from v15.
Any update on this 

Been using SM17 for a week now and hate that you need to click the drop down box to select "reply all" surely i'm not the only one that "replys all" 95% of the time there are very few times you would want to exclude everyone CC'd into an email they are normally their for good reason.

I am really staring to wonder if SM developers actually use their own software to view, process their email. 

please bring back lay out as above 

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