Calendar invites often not showing on synced device
Problem reported by Ton Trommelen - 6/11/2018 at 3:34 AM
When someone else is sending me an invite over email and I accept the event it shows up in the calendar (when viewed from the webinterface), but it doesn't show up on the calendar on my synced android device (synced using DAVdroid).
It doesn't seem to happen with all invites.
The calendar in SM keeps being a source of great frustration since there are still numerous issues with it and I have spent a lot of time on this in the past testing and reporting these issues....to not much avail.
I was only using the SM calendar for invites...but now this also doesn't work anymore.
I'm using 16.3.6729.

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Ton Trommelen Replied
I guess this problem isn't important enough to get notice by the support staff?
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Ton,
As a quick recap for anyone else that may be experiencing this issue: Some appointments were not synced because of a URL decoding issue when comparing calendar UIDs sent from Google. This bug has been resolved and will be included in the 16.x minor update that's scheduled for tomorrow. 
Thank you for helping us to improve SmarterMail!

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