What to do if SmarterTools team does not answer?
Question asked by igorinuk - 6/8/2018 at 3:55 AM
Let's say you ask a question or report a bug here in SmarterTools community portal. But SmarterTools team does not answer you for weeks or months. What should you do? Create a new topic with the same question? Write something in the existing topic? Contact SmarterTools by email?
Is there any SmarterTools team member(s) personally responsible for community topics monitoring and answering?
Just 2 examples:
Unanswered from September 2016
Unanswered from November 2017
I can show examples from 2014 and 2015 as well.

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Ujjaval Patel Replied
I have the same question. I have asked about why the scheduled email reports feature is not working and has not been functional since 11/13/2017 for me. 
igorinuk Replied
If you'll upvote my question then maybe SmarterTools team will notice it. And I can upvote your question if you show me the URL.
Thomas Lange Replied
As far as I know SmarterTools does not monitor/respond to all entries at community-forum.

Questions concerning sales can and should be addressed to their sales@ email-adress.

Concerning technical support and questions we have to use (and buy) support-tickets, in case of you are not lucky to receive an answer/solution at community forum - or if your issue is to specific/individual concerning your system and server.
Technical assistance or questions and issues will be answered/handled thru SmarterTools support-ticket-system - but you have to pay for email-support-tickets (in case you have no free email-tickets available anymore, actual costs as of today: email-ticket 50$, phone-ticket 80$).

In case your issue is caused by an error/failure on site of SmarterTools product then your ticket normally should be reimbursed, so that you can use it again (you will not get your money back - just allowed to use the credit for another issue again).... I cannot say what happens with questions where you receive "feature not implemented/not supported" - if the support will  then reimburse your credit for future use, too.

igorinuk Replied
> in case of you are not lucky to receive an answer

Thank you Thomas. I did not know that luck is involved.

In other thread Tim Uzzanti (SmarterTools employee) told me that they communicate with customers and they just missed my 7 months old post. So, I had a feeling that they read all the posts and aim to answer them all. So, I just need to find a way to bring missed questions to their attention and they will be happy to answer.

If you, Thomas, are right, then ... Then someone else is not right. ;)
Thomas Lange Replied
It would be very time-consuming and expensive if SmarterTools would let answer all community-posts by their employees - I suppose they pick just some posts and write answers/comments.

I suppose sometimes it could be a little bit luck to receive an official answer - and sometimes it probably depends on the question how easy/diffucult or even time-comsuming finding and composing an answer will be.

I have the feeling that often more technical/specific support-questions on community are not answered as "priority one"... I can understand that they want to lead community-members to use support-tickets.

Perhaps it could help if some questions will be upvoted by other members/customers, to bring them back or even more to attention @SmarterTools.

I would suggest it depends on the time you are willing to wait until you receive an answer/solution. You could try @community first... if this does not work out for you - contact sales for sales-question (otherwise they will direct you to please use support-tickets!) or you must at least buy one email-ticket - and hope that it will be reimburst/available again for your next question/issue.

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