Fixed: IMAP is downloading the same message over and over.
Question asked by kevind - 6/1/2018 at 1:46 PM
Hello. Saw this fix in today's 15.x release notes. Wondering if there are any further details, like if there's a way to see if it's occurring on a server. We've noticed some high disk activity over the past few weeks and wonder if it's related.
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We weren't seeing this issue affect disk activity so much as it was affecting bandwidth usage. Outlook over IMAP would sometimes repeat Fetch commands hundreds of thousands of times, causing high bandwidth usage.
To see if your users experienced this issue you can check your IMAP bandwidth usage. Though a more reliable way to check is through your IMAP logs, assuming they're set to detailed. As high bandwidth usage can be caused by other sources, but masses of repeated FETCH commands in the logs should only be caused by this issue.
kevind Replied
Alex, good info -- just what we wanted to know. Thanks!!!

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