SM 15.7.6698 Notifications problem...
Problem reported by Joe Wolf - 5/22/2018 at 1:04 PM
I've had the same Events and notifications set up for many years and haven't had any problem.  Most of them are sent to my cell phone.  Since upgrading to 15.7.6698 these notifications haven't been reliable.
My cell phone is thru T-Mobile and I send the notifications to my myphonenumber@tmomail.net  The Events are set up with my proper email from address but T-Mobile blocks them with the following message (Delivery Log):
[2018.05.22] 08:47:35 [8f869] Sending remote mail to: redacted@tmomail.net
[2018.05.22] 08:47:36 [8f869] CMD: RCPT TO:<redacted@tmomail.net>
[2018.05.22] 08:47:36 [8f869] RSP: 250 Recipient <redacted@tmomail.net> OK
[2018.05.22] 08:47:40 [8f869] RSP: 550 permanent failure for one or more recipients (redacted@tmomail.net:550 Empty envelope senders not allowed)
[2018.05.22] 08:47:40 [8f869] Delivery for  to redacted@tmomail.net has completed (Bounced)
Now here's the Delivery Log for the exact same notification that worked.  Notice the difference is that a valid From: is included in the notification that worked.  
[2018.05.22] 12:19:42 [82938] Sending remote mail to: redacted@tmomail.net
[2018.05.22] 12:19:44 [82938] CMD: RCPT TO:<redacted@tmomail.net>
[2018.05.22] 12:19:44 [82938] RSP: 250 Recipient <redacted@tmomail.net> OK
[2018.05.22] 12:19:48 [82938] RSP: 250 OK (redacted@tmomail.net:250 Ok: queued as 46E645E1517)
[2018.05.22] 12:19:48 [82938] Delivery for myemailaddressredacted@domain.com to redacted@tmomail.net has completed (Delivered)
The other interesting thing to note is that neither of the above appear in the SMTP Log at all... I guess because it's a system generated message.
I've spent hours on the phone with T-Mobile techs and I have to agree with them that the failed messages are being sent without a valid From:  So this has to be a SmarterMail issue.

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Paul Blank Replied
So does SmarterMail need to add a From address to the notification? Am I following this correctly?
Joe Wolf Replied
Yes. For some reason 15.7.6698 fails to include the From: field as required. We have verified that each Event has the proper From: defined, but SmarterMail isn't including that many times.

Paul Blank Replied
This seems like a simple fix at the programming end. ST, how about it?
Scot Desort Replied
It's odd that SM is sometimes omitting the ENVELOPE FROM. It is required but can be null.
Silly question - did you verify that in ALL of your EVENT ACTIONS -- every single one has a FROM email address in the appropriate box? maybe during the upgrade one of them got hosed ? Because you can save an event action without a FROM address. 
I would think that SM would send a "MAIL FROM:<>" command at *minimum* which is still acceptable per RFC as a null sender (but some email admins CAN block email from null senders).

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